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Highway 87 Relocation Project

As part of the Port Arthur LNG project and to improve safety, a portion of Highway 87 between the Intracoastal Waterway and Keith Lake Pass has been relocated and built to TxDOT standards. This highway extends to the community of Sabine Pass. The Highway 87 Relocation Project represents a more than $140 million investment in the community.


  • Relocated highway will be raised to ~5 feet
  • Highway embankment will be constructed from crushed stone
  • Road will be built to TxDOT standards
  • Relocation of highway will help reduce erosion and flooding
  • Provides a safer evacuation route for Sabine Pass residents and other highway users


  • Re-routing Entergy 34.5 kV overhead power distribution line
  • Re-routing AT&T’s fiber optic U/G communication line
  • Upgrading City of Port Arthur’s water line to Sabine Pass
    • Currently two lines across the site: 12 and 16-inch line; Replacing with a 30-inch line


  • Relocating four pipelines
    • New consolidated pipeline/utility corridor to be located east and adjacent to State Highway 87 ROW
  • All abandoned pipeline segments under the berth area and berm will be removed

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