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Please complete the form below to request a date for a Port Arthur LNG site visit. Once you submit the form, your request will be reviewed and an email will be sent once the date is confirmed.

Once you receive the date confirmation, you will need to provide additional information before your tour request can be approved. Please note that completion of this form does not guarantee approval of your tour request.

Please allow 48 hours for your tour paperwork to be processed. An email notification with the status of your tour request at Port Arthur LNG will be sent.

Thank you.

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    Dates that are not currently available are grayed out above. If your preferred date is unavailable, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

    All attendees will be required to participate in a safety briefing prior to the tour of the site. Port Arthur LNG has the right to cancel a tour at any time. Please note that due to site constraints around construction, tour logistics and availability are subject to change at any time.

    By submitting this form, I hereby certify that the information in this form is accurate and complete.

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